2019/20 Impact report – Making a difference to families

Throughout the last year we have continued to work alongside vulnerable families offering volunteer-led support to parents, helping them change their families lives for the better. Our preventative, early intervention approach acknowledges that every parent should have the support they need to give their children the best possible start in life. We believe that early intervention is the most effective and long-lasting support we can offer families.

With our help and support parents and children regain quality time with each other, and the wellbeing of the whole family improves. 

We measure the impact and effectiveness of our work for every family we support. Our Impact Report, which includes testimonials and family stories, shows the lasting difference we have made to families over the last year.

“Home-Start is an invaluable service for some of our families and I thank you for providing a service that makes a difference to the lives of many.” Margaret Benjamin, Health Visitor


The impact report shows that:

The report also shows that more and more parents are needing support as they are struggling with:

  • Mental health – 78% of families
  • Loneliness & isolation – 74% of families
  • Building supportive, nurturing, loving relationships with their children – 46% don’t feel involved with their child’s development
  • Money worries & poor housing – 25% of families live in temporary accommodation

“I had very positive contact with the coordinator and volunteer. I have achieved a lot of confidence working with them. They helped me focus on my life goals and made me realise how important my role is in my children’s life.” – Home-Start Mum