Making sense of the Home-Start journey

Here at Home-Start Wandsworth, we are dedicated to supporting families through difficult times. Boosting confidence, improving health, and building resilience are just a few of the things that we aim to bring to our families. But how do we know if it is really working?

Recording information about how our families are coping with different parts of their lives is an important way of getting to know them and seeing how best to support them, but it also helps us see if we are actually making a difference.

We ask families about how they are coping at the beginning, middle and end of their time with us, and this shows us each family’s ‘journey of change’. This is vital for showing others the value of the work we do and demonstrating our impact year-on-year. It is also useful for helping us plan and develop our services.

With that in mind, we are now in the process of improving our systems so that we can better manage our information and measure the impact of our work, including a range of exciting new group activities at our Family Hubs being developed around the borough.

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