Covid-19. Families tell us their experiences

The Covid-19 pandemic created a global crisis. Different parts of society have been affected in very different ways, with isolation, mental health issues, domestic abuse and financial struggles becoming significant consequences of social distancing measures.

“As time went on it became very difficult. Not being able to be with friends, all routines out the window, missing my family… All took its toll.”

We continued to support more than 60 families during the outbreak, but all face-to-face services were
replaced by telephone and online support.

Family Survey

In June, we asked our Home-Start families to tell us their experiences of living through the pandemic, with the aim to gain a better understanding of the pressures they faced and how we could support them better. We asked all 60 families to complete an online survey. Click here to see the survey results. Click here to see the survey results.

Key findings
  • 62% of families felt that things were now worse for them since the start of lockdown.
  • Keeping the kids busy, emotional wellbeing, mental health and loneliness were challenges that over half of our families reported.
  • 86% of families felt cared for as a result of Home-Start support and 60% felt reassured.
  • Home-Start also helped to reduce isolation for over half of families.
  • Returning to normal life was a concern for many families.







“Home-Start genuinely cared and reached out constantly. I felt I had someone I could ask for help, even if it was to talk.”