A message from Thomas

Dear Everybody
Thank you so much for sponsoring me, it was very generous of you. Thanks to you so far I have raised £2358.50 including gift aid for Home-Start Wandsworth.  £2k is enough to train 20 new volunteers and £125 supports one HSW family for 1 month.
This was a tough challenge.  I didn’t really realise how far 26 miles was. Lots of people tried to persuade me to do 26km because it would have been easier but I wanted to do a proper marathon.
We set off from Bramley at about 8:30. I felt quite nervous as I didn’t know if I was going to be able to complete the challenge or not. The first bit went quite smoothly until the Downs Link suddenly turned into a tiny woodland pathway which was very uneven and difficult to walk the bikes through, let alone cycle.  Then we got lost and had to ask some walkers for directions.  I thought the Downs Link was completely flat but the hill we had to climb was so steep on both sides it was too hard to cycle on our city bikes so we had to walk.  It did start to rain at one point but we were under the trees so luckily we didn’t get wet.  After the woodland, the path was really nice and smooth for a bit.  We thought we might stop for a sausage  sandwich in a field – until we saw the sign for snakes in the grass.  We carried on till our half way point on the Strava 13.1 miles.  On the way back, I fell over in the bumpy woodland and 3 miles before the end my mum got a puncture.  We had to stop and pump the tyre, but thankfully we made it to the finish.  It was actually a total of 26.8 miles.  My thighs were very sore towards the end.  My grandma and granddad were with my dad and sister to meet us as we finished, it was lovely to see them and to know we had completed the challenge.
Love Thomas

What a fantastic achievement Thomas, you are a superhero. Thank you for all your hard work and raising so much money for Home-Start Wandsworth. It really will make a difference to the lives of the families that we support.
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