Bump to Baby and beyond

After several months of planning and having trained our volunteers in specialist topics such as perinatal mental health and mother-child attachment, our Bump to Baby pilot scheme is now up and running. This extends our work to home-visits for women around the time of their second trimester of pregnancy. Our aim is to help minimise the risk of postnatal illness and encourage positive mother-child attachment.

The project is has been funded by the Wandsworth Grant Fund and we have been busy promoting our new service throughout the borough. We have developed relationships with the midwife teams and the perinatal mental health teams from Chelsea & Westminster and St George’s Hospitals, as well as health visitors and GPs in Wandsworth.

Our volunteers have had presentations from Liz Wise, specialist postnatal depression counsellor who runs Cedar House Support Group in Balham, as well as training from other experts in mother-child attachment and child development such as Dr Amy Matheson from Thurleigh Road Practice, Gal Podjarny. We have also developed links with the Family Nurse Partnership Wandsworth team who work to support pregnant teenagers.

We are excited to report that our referrals have gained momentum as we continue to promote the service throughout the borough.The importance of early intervention for positive long-term child development is now well-established and there is now a large body of research that shows the earlier support is provided to a mother the more effective the intervention. We at Home-Start Wandsworth are working to ensure as many families as possible in the borough benefit from the Bump to Baby programme in supporting them through pregnancy and early years.

For more information about the Bump to Baby programme please contact Sarah Maher at sarah@homestartwandsworth.org.uk